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Due to its location high in the Rocky Mountain range, the climate and weather in Vail, Colorado is subject to change. From heavy snow showers to bright sunny days, from mountain rain showers, to dry, calm, the traveler should plan on any type of weather. Plan ahead and bring along a coat in the summer and plan on possibly shedding some of your clothing in the winter.


Dates: June through September

Weather: In the summer, the days are long, with the sun staying high in the sky for many hours. With so many hours of daylight, it is possible to truly enjoy all the summer activities. You can enjoy a hike through the forests and meadows, view wildlife, ride a bike or a horse, or simply enjoy sitting under a tree with a good book. Average Highs range from 64 to 73 while Lows range from 31 to 39.

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Dates: October and November

Weather: Possibly one of the most beautiful times of year, fall also marks the cooling period. Nights are cold and days are cool. Average Highs: October 54, November 39. Average Lows: October 22, November 11.

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Dates: December through March

Weather: The ski resorts in Colorado are famous for their record snowfalls. It is no wonder that individuals and families flock to the region during the winter months to take advantage of deep powder and groomed slopes. Noted for its mild weather, even in deep snow, the sunny days out-number the cloud covered ones. It is a great place to enjoy spring skiing in short sleeve clothing while getting a fantastic tan on your face. Average Highs range from 31 to 39 while Lows range from 0 to 11.

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Dates: April and May

Weather: With lots of rain, spring in Vail is usually bright green and wet. Many high elevation trails are either still covered with snow or very muddy. Summer really doesn't kick off until June. Average Highs: April 46, May 56. Average Lows: April 18, May 27.

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