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Horseback Riding

Horseback riding around Vail, Colorado is a popular way to get into the backcountry of the Rocky Mountains and enjoy incredible scenery, forest glens and rushing mountain streams and rivers.

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Providers These companies can get you there

  • Go horseback riding around Vail, Colorado to really experience the backcountry of the Rocky Mountains
  • White River National Forest has numerous trails throughout its million and a half acres
  • Take an overnight horseback ride for a true vacation adventure
  • Hire a guide for memorable horseback trip into the backcountry


Summer in Vail, Colorado is all about being outdoors and enjoying the sunshine and the surrounding area. Along with the popularity of hiking and backpacking, horseback riding is an excellent and unique way to get to spots that would otherwise possibly take you double the time. A horseback riding trip is an adventure you’ll always remember.

Where to go Horseback Riding

The White River National Forest is likely the most popular area for riding and has a multitude of trails within its one and a half million acres. An excellent spot not only for horseback riding but also hiking, four-wheel driving, picnicking and backpacking!

Piney River horseback riding is filled with stunning views of the Gore Range, wildlife wandering the spruce and aspen groves and the vast glory of the rushing river.

Horse trails around the Beaver Lake area take you into the backcountry. You enter into the Holy Cross Wilderness and finally reach Beaver Lake. You can also continue on to discover the beautiful Lower and Upper Turquoise Lakes.

This is only mentioning a couple of the hundreds of opportunities for exciting horseback riding around Vail, Colorado.

Rentals & Fees

Rates range from approximately $50 to $65 an hour. Daylong trips can cost around $200 and overnight trips are available as well.

Hire a Guide

One of the best ways to ensure safe and memorable horseback riding vacations in the backcountry around Vail is to hire a guiding service that knows the area and can educate you on the history of the region and much more. Local outfitters offer a range of rides - from easy and relaxing, one-hour trips on virtually catatonic creatures to more demanding multi-day adventures on strong, spirited steeds. You can explore the listings on this page to find a guide service that fits your needs.