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Eagle's Nest Wilderness

Eagle's Nest Wilderness area, near Vail, Colorado, is a designated wilderness area encompassing nearly 133,688 acres of breathtakingly beautiful scenery across the White River and Arapaho National Forests.

  • Eagle's Nest Wilderness area, Vail, Colorado, is a 133,688 expanse of beautiful wilderness landscape across White River and Arapaho National Forest.
  • The wilderness area perfectly facilitates outdoor pursuits and recreation such as camping, hiking on one of the many trails, biking and much more.
  • The area encourages a 'leave no trace' policy to keep the area beautiful.


Eagles' Nest Wilderness area is located near Vail, Colorado, and is 133,688 acres of absolutely stunning scenery. A designated wilderness area, Eagles' Nest covers a 133,688 expanse across the White River and Arapaho National Forests. The area is perfect for a wide range of outdoor recreation and with elevations ranging from 7,850 to 13,534 the views are amazing.


Located within White River and Arapaho National Forests, the area is easily accessible from Vail and other neighboring towns such as Dillon and Heeney which are connected by Interstate 70.


The Wilderness area is open all year round but available recreations are weather dependant.


There is plenty to do at the wilderness area and with 180 miles of constructed trails there is ample opportunity for hiking and wildlife viewing. There are many scenic alpine lakes which are great for fishing and it is a perfect camping location. During the winter season cross country skiing is available. There are countless pursuits to indulge in or simply relax and enjoy the truly stunning scenery. Here are a few highlights:

  • Lower Piney Trail: 8 miles one-way from Red Sandstone Road into Eagles Nest Wilderness, following Lower Piney River along the way.
  • Upper Piney Trail: 3 miles one-way from Piney Lake to a beautiful cascading waterfall. 7 miles one-way if you go all the way to Upper Piney Lake.
  • Gore Creek Trail: A 6 mile trail to Gore Lake or 7 mile trail to Red Buffalo Pass. Great camping near the trailhead at the end of Bighorn Road.

Additional Info

The area encourages you to follow a 'leave no trace' approach when enjoying the wilderness to keep it beautiful.