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Whitewater Park

Vail, Colorado has always been renowned for it’s excellent white-water rafting but since 2002 annual competitions were made possible within Vail Village with a new design allowing for in town competitions, transforming Vail into a white-water haven.

  • Vail Whitewater Park is a haven for whitewater enthusiasts and offers world class rafting.
  • Local trips are offered, from rafting extreme rapids to relaxing boat trips there is something for both beginners and experts to enjoy.
  • Many competitions are held in Vail Village since the Water Park has been established and are great fun to watch


Vail, Colorado has had whitewater events for many years and is renowned for it's excellent conditions, however, large events such as the Teva Mountain Games took place just outside of town on the Eagle River. Since 2002 the Vail Valley Chamber and Bureau has become amenable to freestyle paddling so whitewater rafting can take place in Vail Village. This has transformed the area into a popular whitewater haven and is the host of the annual Teva Mountain Games.


Vail's Whitewater Park is located at the Gore Creek Promenade at the International Bridge in Vail Village.

Rafting, Kayaking, Paddle-Boarding

Whitewater rafting and kayaking can be enjoyed from mid-May through the end of July. The adjustable features in this whitewater park offer a different experience every year. Join a rafting trip down Gore Creek.