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Wagon / Carriage Rides

Riding through the Rocky Mountain landscapes on a carriage or wagon ride is a relaxing way to view the region’s breathtaking beauty and the charm of the small mountain towns. Read More

  • Carriage and wagon rides can be as low as $10 per ride
  • Find a horse and carriage or wagon ride in a number of spots around Vail
  • Enjoy the Rocky Mountain views from the comfort of your carriage seat
  • You’ll find unique wagon and hay rides around the valley


Looking for an elegant way to see the Rocky Mountain area with minimal physical exertion? If you answered yes, then a scenic carriage ride or a fun wagon ride is right up your alley. Seated in a horse-drawn carriage or wagon while taking in the mountain vistas is a great way to have a unique experience on any Vail vacation.


There are a number of providers who offer carriage rides or wagon and hayrides within Vail Valley. Some are listed below.


Carriage and wagon rides are available in the summer months when the snow has melted and the roads are clear. Hours and days of the week when you can enjoy these rides vary.


The cost of a carriage or wagon ride can be as low as $10, depending on the length of the ride. Sometimes the cost can be further discounted if you also buy a meal. Wagon rides can be reserved for large parties and the cost of these events will vary depending on size of party and length of ride.

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Carriage, wagon and hay rides are a great way to learn about the area and see the Rocky Mountain splendor with ease. It’s especially relaxing after other wilder adventures in this outdoor recreation paradise.

Some providers also offer wedding carriage rides, which can be a romantic way to start a new marriage.