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Avon Colorado is located eight miles west of world-famous Vail Colorado and serves as the gateway to Beaver Creek Resort. It is located at the base of the Rocky Mountains nestled along the scenic Eagle River.

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  • The Town of Avon, located in central Colorado, was founded by English immigrants and has developed from a farming area into a resort town.
  • The location makes it ideal for exploring many of Colorado's biggest attractions and has lots of recreation and lodging within town.
  • Avon lies 8 miles west of Vail along Interstate 70, Exit 167.


Avon, Colorado is a picturesque town with a wonderful family community that was founded by early English immigrants and is said to have been named because it reminded the settlers of the Avon River Valley in England, birthplace of William Shakespeare.


Avon is located in Colorado just eight miles west of Vail. It is the gateway to the Beaver Creek Resort which lies about two miles south.


An Avon CO lodging experience can range from luxurious hotels to affordable Inns. A good selection of shops and restaurants are available in town. The strong sense of community and family friendly atmosphere make it great place to stay.


Activities range from skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, pond hockey in the winter months to hiking, biking, fishing or hanging out in the park in the summer.


Avon is located conveniently near some of Colorado's biggest attractions like Beaver Creek Ski Resort, the bustling town of Vail and the majestic Rocky Mountains. The fascinating history of the area is also a big attraction to history buffs and many other mountain communities such as Aspen and Glenwood Springs are nearby.

Getting Here

Avon is centrally located in Colorado's Rocky Mountains along Interstate 70 at Exit 167. The drive down the Interstate passes some beautiful views of Colorado.

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